As a busy woman balancing family and work Sharon Knapp works tirelessly to achieve her goals. Sharon is a devoted wife and a mother to three boys, and has succeeded in creating a loving family home full of support and warmth.

Her work ethic is second to none and while Sharon has the business knowledge to succeed, when it is combined with her compassion and dedication she is a force to be reckoned with. This focus extends to all parts of her life with Sharon taking an interest in marathon running and completing her first half marathon last year. It only demonstrates further than when she decides she wants something, her single mindedness helps her achieve what she wants.

Her determined attitude has seen her grow across many job roles, each one supplementing a new skill set allowing Sharon to experience a variety of achievements. Working across many different industries has enable Sharon to deal extensively with customers, often helping clients discover what they need and providing a solution that works.

This focused mindset led to Sharon starting her own business and now offering her services to you. Red Rock Promotional Products started from a desire to be able to assist businesses to promote themselves without all the stress & high costs, while at the same time, offering above average customer service.

Red Rock Promotional Products works by offering the ability to advertise in a unique way. Rather than a radio spiel that is over in 30 seconds or a print ad that will be tomorrow’s news, you have a tangible product that can make its way to a million different places. Whether you are advertising your slogan on the back of your work shirts, or showing your logo on stubby holders at a family BBQ, the distinctive advantage of our products is that they are real, solid, touchable. They can be taken away and exposed to audiences several times over. So let Red Rock Promotional Products find the best way to get your business name out to thousands of potential customers.